Vegas Sex Industry Takes a Pounding During Presidential Debate

1019-escorts-during-debate-fun-art-tmz-getty-composite-3Vegas escorts are moaning alright, but for the wrong reason … they say the 3rd presidential debate has sucked the sexual drive out of Sin City.


Multiple escort agency owners tell us business has been alarmingly slow over the last 2 days.


The owners and escorts say … the influx of people for the Trump/Clinton showdown is not the usual crowd coming to Vegas for a good time.


As for why business is down … the owners have several theories. One … that everyone’s depressed about the way the election has gone, and the crowd isn’t up for a fun time.


Another owner had this theory … the election has been filled with “gotcha” moments, and people are afraid of getting busted.


There is a beneficiary in all this misery. Dennis Hof, the guy who runs the Bunny Ranch 45 minutes outside of Vegas, says his business is booming. The Ranch — a legal brothel where Lamar Odom ODd and almost died a year ago — is booked to capacity, and he’s even running extra limos.