A protest outside an Ariana Grande concert in Atlanta

0646ed11-b653-4ffd-bd96-4d6026ea79ff-a01_nline2_0820Some concertgoers at Grande’s Sweetener tour stop in Atlanta on Friday found themselves having to listen to anti-gay messages from a couple of men outside the venue.


They set up a microphone beneath a rainbow banner, which had the word “pride” crossed out.


As you know June is pride month so the incident caught the attention of the singer, who has responded with a message of support for her LGBTQ fans.


One of the male protesters was caught on video exchanging words with a few fans and telling them that they “worship a false god” and that “Satan is their god” because they didn’t agree with his message.


That led to a larger group of Grande fans banding together to drown out the messages.


Ariana Grande is known for her love and support of the LGBTQ community.


Grande later replied to the first video capturing the protest.


While she described herself as “saddened” by the display, she admitted she was “not surprised.”


She apologized to her fans for having to encounter it and promised that her team will “do its best to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”


She thanked them for not “engaging violently” although there were some physical push back outside the venue.