Post Malone Witnessed Usain Bolt’s Pimpness

postmaloneandboltWhen Usain Bolt was getting his swerve on in a London nightclub this weekend, rapper Post Malone was RIGHT THERE partying alongside him … and tells TMZ Sports, “It was awesome!” 


Bolt has been on a tear with the ladies this past week — despite the fact he’s got a GF back home in Jamaica — and Post saw the legend in action at Cirque le Soir club on Monday night.

“He’s a ladies man,” Malone said.


“Fastest man in the world … even if the cops were chasing him, he could escape … [if they were chasing him] in a vehicle. He fast as hell so he can do whatever he wants to do.”


Malone — the guy behind the hit “White Iverson” — says he may FINALLY meet the NBA inspiration for his song … but it’s gonna be halfway around the world!




Source: TMZ