Elias Aboud & Alex Franco granted bail

vJvmwnL1CvPolice arrest and charge two men, including Elias Aboud for possession of marijuana and narcotics related offences.


25-year-old Mr. Aboud, son of deceased Robert Aboud was charged with two counts of possession of apparatus and one count of flat possession of marijuana.


The other occupant of the vehicle, 26-year-old Alex Franco was charged with possession of marijuana.


Mr. Aboud and Mr. Franco were arrested during a road traffic exercise conducted in the Four Roads Police Station district.


The exercise took place between the hours of 1am and 3am on Sunday.


In a release, the TTPS says during the exercise, officers intercepted a silver SUV at Victoria Avenue, Diego Martin.


They searched the vehicle and its two occupants and the officers reportedly discovered a quantity of high-grade marijuana, marijuana in liquid form and several devices for the illicit use of the narcotic.


Mr. Aboud and Mr. Franco have since been granted bail. Enquiries are continuing.