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Jay Z & Solange Knowles: Jewelry Shopping TOGETHER


Jay Z and Solange Knowles went looking for jewelry together Tuesday afternoon at a high-end NYC jewelry store … TMZ has learned.


Our sources connected with the store say Jay and Solange were in Mr. Flawless, where they were looking for women’s jewelry for around 20 minutes.


We’re told the pair showed no signs of strife, and looked at gems with Mr. Flawless himself. They looked, but tried nothing on.  They left the store without buying anything.


Jay and Solange didn’t talk much inside the store … they pretty much just browsed quietly.





Source: TMZ

NFL draft: Reactions heat up after Michael Sam kisses boyfriend on TV



(CNN) — Not long after Michael Sam became the first openly gay player drafted to the NFL, some made clear his reaction was not welcome.


Shortly after learning of his selection by phone, a visibly emotional Sam turned to his boyfriend and kissed him.


“I’m sorry but that Michael Sam is no bueno for doing that on national tv,” former Super Bowl champion Derrick Ward tweeted.



“Man U got little kids lookin at the draft. I can’t believe ESPN even allowed that to happen,” Ward added.


Ward, who played for the New York Giants and the Houston Texans, said he has received death threats against him and his children after the comments.



Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones also expressed his disapproval, tweeting “horrible” and “OMG” after the kiss was aired. He has since deleted those comments.


But the Dolphins responded quickly, ordering Jones to pay an undisclosed fine and barring him from team activities until he finishes “training for his recent comments made on social media.”


“We met with Don today about respect, discrimination and judgment,” the Dolphins said in a statement Sunday. “These comments are not consistent with the values and standards of our program.”


Jones issued a mea culpa for his remarks.


“I want to apologize to Michael Sam for the inappropriate comments that I made last night on social media,” he said in a statement Sunday.


“I take full responsibility for them and I regret that these tweets took away from his draft moment. I remember last year when I was drafted in the seventh round and all of the emotions and happiness I felt when I received the call that gave me an opportunity to play for an NFL team and I wish him all the best in his NFL career.”


The reactions extended well beyond current and former NFL players.


“Any straight person who says “#MichaelSam/bf kiss pic doesnt look disgusting” can’t pass a lie detector test saying it. Prove me wrong. #nfl,” Patrick Dollard tweeted.


“It’s annoying that people can’t say anything about the Michael Sam kiss without people pointing at them saying “homophobe,” Robby Schultz said.


But many welcomed Sam’s 7th-round selection by the St. Louis Rams. His new team is just two hours away from the University of Missouri, where Sam was an All-American and the Southeastern Conference’s defensive player of the year.


“Welcome to the squad @MikeSamFootball #D-LineShowtime,” fellow Rams defensive end Robert Quinn tweeted.


President Barack Obama also weighed in.


“The President congratulates Michael Sam, the Rams and the NFL for taking an important step forward today in our Nation’s journey,” the White House said in a statement. “From the playing field to the corporate boardroom, LGBT Americans prove everyday that you should be judged by what you do and not who you are.”



Some compared Sam kissing his boyfriend to other athletes kissing their wives or girlfriends.


“NFL guys get drafted. Kiss girlfriends. @MikeSamFootball kissed his boyfriend. Don’t like?..that’s a “you” problem,” ESPN anchor Stuart Scott tweeted. “Congrats Mike!”


Others poked fun at the controversy surrounding Sam.


“How do I explain Michael Sam to my kids?” Andy Kerman tweeted. “A man with TWO first names?”









Fire Power – 20 heavily armoured vehicles to fight crime


Over 20 specially outfitted armoured vehicles will arrive in Trinidad and Tobago soon to assist the country’s law enforcement in the fight against crime.

Sources say the vehicles — 20 armoured sports utility vehicles (SUV), along with 15 armoured personnel carriers (APC), are being outfitted with safety gear designed to withstand various forms of attack.

The vehicles will also have speciality equipment inclusive of GPS, gun ports and computerised systems, which will be linked to various national security agencies.

Sources told the Express that representatives from the Defence Force have visited the United States to view the vehicles, while National Security Minister Gary Griffith held talks with representatives from the United Kingdom.

The source told the Express, in choosing an APC, one needed to look at the size and make of the vehicle.

Such vehicles, the source said, needed to be road-worthy and should also allow for proper navigation into tracks within T&T.

The 20 SUVs, the source added, are just for the time being, citing that, following the arrival of this fleet, more will be on the way.

These SUVs will be used by specialised units within the Police Service, as well as task forces, while the APCs will be strictly for military use in “hotspot” areas.

The vehicles were purchased through the National Security Ministry and sources say advertisements for the procurement were not placed.

Sources within the security ministry say the ministry has the option of not going through the tendering process if the equipment needed is for an emergency.

The cost of the vehicles is estimated to be in the millions, sources say.

Contacted for a comment yesterday evening, Griffith admitted he is looking at acquiring the vehicles.

Asked whether the SUVs will be used by Government ministers, he denied this.

“The vehicles are not for Government officials. They are for law enforcement,” Griffith said.

He said private security companies use armoured vehicles and therefore the purchase of the vehicles by Government is “a precaution”.

“You put things in place to avoid things happening in the future.”

Asked whether security intelligence agencies had information that some sort of disturbance would take place in T&T, thus the decision taken to purchase them, Griffith said: “Of course not.”

He explained: “You can’t have law enforcement going into terrain with only bullet-proof vests and are exposed in vehicles.”

Adding that the vehicles will be used as protection for law enforcement agencies, mainly the police and Defence Force, Griffith said these agencies need to have the vehicles for extra protection “in the fight against crime”.

Stating that his job is not to come up with crime plans, Griffith said, ensuring that security agencies are well equipped and modernised to perform their duties is of paramount importance to him.

The National Security Minister said the APCs are fully armoured, tactical and “very military”, adding these vehicles will be used by the army and the national security operation group.

“The plan is to fight fire with fire and go into the ultimate hotspot areas and take the fight back to the so-called gang leaders who actually have the impression that certain areas and communities belong to them.

“We will be going in very hard with clinical precision with a special operation group,” Griffith said.






By Denyse Renne





Source: Trinidad Express





Zlatan Ibrahimovic gives French reporter the death stare




Canal+ journalist Olivier Tallaron should count his blessings every night for the rest of his life after narrowly escaping the wrath of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


After PSG clinched their second straight Ligue 1 title on Wednesday night, the French reporter accidentally bumped into one of Zlatan’s two sons on his way to the tunnel. Bad move, bro.


Zlatan was none too pleased, clenching his fist and visibly thinking of a hundred ways to turn the line-cutting culprit into mincemeat.
Just look at that ‘Zlatan Stare of Death:’


Lesson learned, we hope.
There are literally a million things we’d rather try than encroach on Zlatan or his family’s space, including but not limited to:


Setting our teeth on fire.
Eating a tub of mayonnaise. A bath tub of it.
Taking a boiling pot of French Onion soup to the face.
Listening to that “Gigantic” song from the Apple commercial on repeat for 24 hours.
Losing our smartphones
Listening to any Pitbull song on repeat for 1 hour.
Growing a rat tail. Not just any rat tail. THIS rat tail.


So yeah, don’t mess with Zlatan.








Rihanna Nude Photos — Instagram Warns: Stop Showing Your Nips!


Rihanna loves to be nekkid … A LOT … but Instagram says her displays of public nudity go way too far — and is now threatening the singer within an inch of her exposed nipples.


Rihanna posted topless snaps Tuesday from her photo shoot with Lui, a French skin mag — and within an hour IG yanked ’em down … because they violated rules against nudity.


Our Instagram sources tell us Rihanna got an email that basically warned her … keep your clothes on or risk having your account permanently shut down.


But like a bikini trying to contain her boobs — IG couldn’t stop RiRi … and she just posted the banned nudes on Twitter instead.









Source: TMZ

Game and T.I. In INTENSE Standoff with LAPD After Brutal Fight


The Game and T.I. were in a super-tense standoff with LAPD after a VIOLENT fight at an L.A. club early Wednesday morning.

A group of guys — who we’re told are “mutual acquaintances” of both Game and T.I. — were denied entrance at Supperclub. The guys began arguing furiously with security when one member of the posse threw a punch at a security guy.  You hear the punch at the beginning of the fight video.


Security for the club then descended on 2 members of the posse, beating them to a bloody pulp … at one point kicking one of them in the face while he was down.


LAPD cops were present during part of the fight … as were off-duty officers who were working at the club.



That’s when an angry T.I. and Game stormed out of the club …  mistakenly believing COPS beat their guys up.  They got into it big time with the LAPD and  that’s when the standoff begins.


You gotta watch the standoff … it is intense and on the edge of erupting into violence.

The 2 injured men were taken to LAPD’s Hollywood division but no one wanted to file charges so they left.


You hear people screaming “Bloods” and “Crips” in the video … but we don’t know if this was gang related.  But it was definitely bad.







Source: TMZ

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